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Written for the pros, the Ultimate Guide to Tankless Water Heaters collects five of our most popular and helpful resources on tankless water heaters in one comprehensive ebook. You’ll get:

  • Five keys to a perfect tankless upgrade.
  • Eight ways to improve tankless water heater venting.
  • Five profitable tips for tankless water heater gas lines.
  • Tips on how to respond to the most recent federal water heater efficiency regulations.

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Venting a tankless water heater might be easier than you realize. Curious about propane water heater installation and ventilation methods? This infographic is for you.

  • Read the truth about common misconceptions around tankless water heaters.
  • Learn venting methods that save installation time.
  • See how easy it is to make venting attractive.
  • Get tips on finding the right location for your tankless unit.

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Real Estate Agents

Potential buyers may not understand the advantages of having a propane water heater. Use this handout to educate yourself on the benefits of propane over electric, so you can start the conversation with buyers.

  • How propane heats water more efficiently.
  • The differences between storage tank and tankless water heaters.
  • Changes in federal water heater regulations.
  • The importance of replacing a water heater before there’s a problem.

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What's in It for You

You know propane water heaters benefit homeowners…but what does that mean for you? Watch this video to see how recommending propane can help your business, and learn more about propane water heater efficiency and comfort.

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